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The main point, not enough officers! You are dealing with criminals, with hide gun shirts on. There is no such things as pot busts, visiting uncles, family members etc. You have to assume you are approaching danger!
This kind of reminded me of the 'Newhall Incident

where 4 California Highway Patrol officers were killed. I think it important to expect and prepare for the worst case scenario. Is that not what is constantly advised on these boards ?

The delay in firing by the officers ought not be a problem as I constantly read on these boards to draw and pause to see if the BG runs, rather than draw and fire when under a lethal threat. I think it knid of hard to have it both ways.

Think of the outcome if the the guy exiting the car had run up behind the group of officers rather than start firing, using the tree as a barrier. If this was a 'suicide by cop' the BG might have taken a couple, or three of the officers with him. I think these officers were very lucky.

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