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Does your gun do both CCW and nightstand duty?

Originally Posted by Jeremiah/Az View Post
Kahr PM9 is my EDC & nightstand gun. The last thing off at night & the first thing on in the mornin'! And yes, it goes in the bathroom with me when I shower.
That's exactly how I am and always have been with whatever I'm carrying. Currently my Glock 19. That's the way to do it!

Originally Posted by alt4852 View Post
You know BlackBerry isn't doing well when they've branched out into making mag pouches.
Lmao. I posted once saying something similar to that. When someone created a thread on the topic of how to carry a spare mag. I found that in an old draw of "random stuff" which we all have, then it took the liberty of being useful.

Originally Posted by armsmaster270 View Post
My CCW/Nightwatch friends

Nice! .357SIG. How do you like that round?
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