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I have used the Volquartsen hammer (trigger job in a box) kit which is similar, I also own two professionally hand tuned factory triggers and have a couple of Volquartsen complete trigger assemblies. I also own a high-buck Kidd 2-stage and it's so far better than anything else I've used on my 7 10/22s that all I can say is wow. I've really been tempted to try the Kidd trigger job in a box for polymer trigger assemblies, but it's expensive. Anyway here is my list from best (top) to worst (bottom).
  1. Kidd 2-stage trigger (~$300)
  2. intentionally blank
  3. intentionally blank
  4. intentionally blank
  5. Volquartsen complete 2-1/4lb trigger assembly (~$220)
  6. Hand tuned 2-2.25lb factory trigger from anyone of 3-4 specialists (~$75-120)
  7. Drop-in 1.7-2.5lb trigger job in a box kit ($40-110).
  8. Untouched 4-1/2lb factory target trigger
  9. Old 6-7lb or so factory trigger
My advice is if you can't afford a $200-300 trigger then spend $75 to have it had tuned.
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