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This is the hidden (from those who choose not to see it) downside to all those government subsidy and grant programs. Departments (and their jurisdictions) come to rely on the "free" external money for day-to-day operational funding, with no planning for what they'll do when (not if) the grant money dries up.

The same thing happened with School Resource Officers (SROs). Several years ago, the Federal .gov was giving out grants to fund SROs in schools, so many departments and school districts happily took the money and installed SROs. But, when the grants ended ... so did the SROs. The schools and the jurisdictions had made no provisions for continued funding of the SROs once the grant money ended. Then, of course, along came sandy Hook and suddenly departments everywhere were able to post officers in schools where previously they had NOT been able to post officers in schools.

It's all smoke and mirrors. This is what inevitably happens when we cede control over our destinies to faceless politicians hundreds or thousands of miles away. The fact the some states receive more from the Federal government in funds and services than they send to Washington, while othjer states receive less, should be proof enough that the system is inequitable at best (if not outright broken).
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