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Unfortunately, us too. Right now my primary concern is that if the the vote is similar in the assembly as it was in the senate, a party line vote, it will make it to the governors desk. Our assembly is about 2/3s D vs the senate being almost 50/50(11D/10R). Sandoval's history is not long enough to determine whether or not he will sign it, which is worrisome.

As I become more familiar with the bill it just grinds my gears more. The checks for private transfers will be run through NICS instead of the DPS like new sales here. However, even though NICS is free there will be a $30 charge for the transfers(the charge for a new purchase is only $25). Additionally, even though CCW holders are still exempt from the actual background check being conducted, we still get charged the fee. It is unclear to me at this time, whether the state is merely dictating the amount the FFL can charge for the service, or if they will be collecting the fee themselves. I wouldn't mind so much paying the FFLs for their time, but given its a set amount and not a limit, I suspect the state will be collecting the fee.
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