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'Fast and Furious' Scandal Returns to Haunt Obama

This is old news, the same thing that was reported by Fox and the Examiner. But it's being reported in Business Week, and with a twist - how the Obama Administration "enmeshes itself [sic] in failures"

I'm just posting this because I think my earlier prediction is coming true - news agencies who went easy on Fast & Furious previously are willing to take a second look at it, and publish a story on it, even if the main point of the "story" is pointing out the administration has a problem with being scandal ridden.

I also think that there were some news agencies who basically defended F&F - by publishing the administrations claims without challenging any of it

Some news agencies helped the administration simply by not publishing stories on F&F

I think it will be rare now for a news organization to defend F&F, what remains to be seen is how many news agencies that ignored the story in the past will give it attention now, and the real issue IMO is how many news agencies will actually aggressively pursue the story now.
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