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I have a Monson DW 15-2 .357. It is a very accurate and good gun. I would recommend it to anyone.

The DA trigger is better than a S&W in my opinion but of course this is partly subjective. The S&W has a better SA trigger (better than any other revolver in my opinion).

The interchangeable barrel feature is very cool. I picked my Dan up slightly used in 1980 and it had only the 6" barrel. Since then I scored a 2 1/2" and a 4" barrel, and the gun shoots great with all three barrels. It is very easy to switch barrels -- this is no gimmick -- it is a different gun with each different barrel.

The bluing on a Dan is very good. The EWK accessory shrouds also have good bluing, so you can buy new barrels for an old Dan. My 2.5" barrel is an EWK. It looks great and shoots great.
1980 vintage Monson Dan Wesson with a 2012 EWK 2.5" barrel:
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