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I've had 3 Taurus guns:

A Model 851 revolver....that was terrific. 1750 rounds, give or take, with no problems and quite accurate with the right loads. Quality (fit & finish, etc.) was fine. Couldn't ask for more.

A Model PT845 pistol. No problems through about 500-600 rounds, but too bulky. Fit, finish and function were just fine.

A Model PT145 pistol. At something like 800 rounds, broke a very small link in the FCG, which caused it to go full-auto. Subsequent investigation revealed the problem. The model was originally DAO, then parts were added (including the part that failed) to make it SA/DA. I simply removed the add-on parts, thus making it DAO again. Never another problem. The slide to frame fit was loose, from the start.... so the gun was rattly (which didn't evoke confidence). That increased over time. Put a total of 1200-1400 rounds through the gun. It was surprisingly accurate at SD distances.... and reliable (after conversion to DAO). It just felt junky, though.

I sold each of my Tauruses, for different reasons. The revolver simply because I was ready to move on.....and I often miss that one. The PT845 because it didn't fit my hand (and was too large). The PT145 because, at the end of the day, I didn't think that much of it (I would say that the overall quality was a let-down).

Would I consider another Taurus ? Yes, but admittedly, I'd have more concerns than with some other brands. In any case, I've moved on and am not really in the market for anything else now.
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