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+1k ammo, awww what a great thing to do! I wish I could leave one of dad's guns on his grave-- maybe we will put something like that on the grave stone. We still have not picked one out yet.

I talked to the friend at length last night-- turns out my dad stored many more firearms at the friend's house and didn't want his wife to know about it. So we have a total of about 100 long guns!(!!) and a few handguns. No wonder he didn't have any savings!

The friend has said the auction house we are using is both local and internet based and may sell some of the more "odd" ones more effectively because it will reach greater markets. They have a good reputation and 10% commission which is fair. We also have been pushing the friend to take a couple of the guns for himself for his trouble but he's being too nice about it so far.

Let this be a lesson for everyone-- if you have a lot of firearms please mention them in your will, or leave a list of inventory and descriptions for your next of kin. Thank goodness we have a very honest friend here, he has known our family for many years and is a good person. Otherwise we may have not known about the other half of his collection.

As far as the papers, apparently the majority of them were already sent to the proper authorities per regulations when dad quit the business and that has been wrapped up neatly and is over. What we have found are copies that can be shredded.

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