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5" S&W 620 7-shooter.

I love revolvers,,,
Especially S&W K and L frames.

A 5" S&W 620 7-shooter is my next Gotta-Get-Me-One handgun.

Last weekend I was at the range popping some rimfire,,,
A gentleman next to me had one and let me run some 38 Special through it.

It was an absolute Love-At-First-Shot experience.

It balanced in my hands so much better than my 6" full-lug 686,,,
I honestly felt that I was shooting my beloved 4" Model 15,,,
I put 5 out of 7 in a 2" circle at 15 yards,,,
The remaining 2 were in the 4" ring.

So yes, this gun made me stop and say, Whoa!


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