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Boogeman If you have issues fireing primers get a new hammer spring?? Not a big deal.

DW revolvers do have shorter hammer fall and trigger pull than SW revolvers but they are atleast as good. Just takes time for a SW shooter to get use to it. I have a few DW revolvers . Both my 15-2's have wolff RP hammer springs giveingme a 2lb SA and 5 1/2lb DA trigger pull and have allways been 100% reliable. The 22lr version is as good as it gets box stock- same trigger parts as the 15-2 and the large frame revolvers have a better trigger than the 15-series as they come from the factory. Just one heavy revolver.

It is nice being able to change barrels in a couple minutes and change gap settings. Only worry with DW revolvers to me would have to do with who owned the company. Owned by the Wesson family with the revolvers made in Monson Mass. followed by early Palmer handguns are the top choices for most of use.

Good aftermarket following with EWKarms for barrels, shrouds, sights, springs and some custom made items if time is not a big deal. Aftermarket grips to from LB Custom grips and Hogue, scopes mounts from weigand. What more accessories are needed. Cz still does work on them and sells sights springs barrels and grips buy oem stuff.

I used a red dot for 20 years on mine when new. Killed a small mountain of hogs with it. Still a 3" 100 yard handgun today if I can do my job. My 44mag is just as accurate also wearing a red dot.

If your not a revolver guy then take one with you to besure all looks and feels right with any you may want to buy. That should hold true for any brand.

I bought my first 15-2 in 1976 and it has been a great shooter and hunting revolver.
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