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I have a DW 15-2 in .357 magnum. It has several unique feastures, in addition to the barrel swap ability. In all honesty I feel that is a bit of a uimmick.

The trigger is nice, the lock time short & the amount of movment to cock the hammer very short, which combine to make it a good sa/da shooter. They are strong & very accurate.

The big thing with the barrels, to me is the ability to vary the tension applied by the shroud so you can actually tweak the barrel for your load just by messing with torque. You can also fine tune your barrel/cylinder gap, something you need a smith for with most revolvers. Mine spat when I first got it but I checked the gap & found that I could run all day by closing it down to 4 thou at the tightest chamber, that cured the spitting immediately!

It also has the front locking catch, which once you get used to it is actually nicer then the rear mounted push/pull types of the Smiths & Colts.

It does have 2 issues. One is it doesn't like hard primers. CCI magnums are hit & miss, literally, & the lack of accessories because its a specalty or niche gun.
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