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Federal Deer Thug Bullets

Well, I am new to the post, very fun to read and I am looking forward to helping but more, learning from you all as well. I am responding the the Deer Thug talk.

I wrote Federal several times. I finally got an answer. I had asked about the Fusion compared to the Thug. I asked about using this bonded bullet for Elk as well, since the grain of bullets were heavy enough for it. I asked about bullet separation and such, Fusion having that reputation. I have see the damage that Fusion bullet produces, wow, explodes and massive damage. Well here is the most I could get out of them. Now, I will say I tried it in my .300 WSM and my .30 WM and the accuracy was very impressive. SUB MOA out to 300 yards. I was quit surprised. I was shooting Tikka T3's and Zeiss Conquest glass. Never the less, it shot well. Here is Federals note to me.

Good afternoon David,

The Deer Thug is a special line we have this year. It is a Wal Mart exclusive and it is a bonded bullet with a flat base heel to it. That's what makes it different from the Fusion bullet. It is very accurate and would hold together and not explode. It would make a great Elk bullet.

Federal Ammunition
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