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I guess you didn't notice that they had weapons drawn.
Your observation that I did not notice that is correct! I did not. Your observation that the officers had their weapons drawn when they approached the house is wrong.

Let's see, officer 1 walks up to the guy on the porch and is fiddledinking with his belly pouch/radio. No guns drawn there.

Officer 2 can be seen walking up with his hands slightly out to his sides, very open handed. Nope, no guns drawn there.

Officer 3 enters the initial scene after contact is made with the suspect and the suspect moving off to the side in his distraction maneuver, one hand out and one hand on his gun. And, no guns drawn there either. In fact, you can see in the video where his hand comes off his HOLSTERED gun and he has to replace his hand there and draw his gun AFTER the guy in the car gets out.

It isn't until AFTER the shooting starts and other officers arrived that you see people approach with guns drawn.

Whether guns or drawn or not is not indicative of "rushing."
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