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Posts: 2,286 stress drills can be fun useful and quite humbling to some shooters. Try sprinting 100yards then see how well you can keeping in the 10 ring @ 21 feet.

BUUUUT (always one) This may sound dumb or unnecessary but I feel obligated to post it.

With drills that induce stress I always ALWAYS say that you NEED a friend with you @ the range. Your methods could be perfect but accidents happen. A trip, stumble, anticipation or even equipment failure could result in an unintended discharge and or a serious possibly life threatening injury. If your a few hundred yards from your car or miles away from town even the wait for the ambulance could prove fatal. So having another person there is a great idea.

I suppose that could go for any range trip but I feel that it particularly applies to this sort of practice.
You post great advice. It's nice to practice alone but it's better to have a training partner.

I have a humbling story to share. On one occasion, we were training for a week at an old and abandoned drag racing course. Turning cones were set up making it like a slalom course. We were instructed to drive thru the course as fast as possible and upong reaching the end, we were to exit the car and run 50 yards. The instructions were to double tap the two steel targets and then HOLSTER and SNAP the pistol back in place while you run another 50 yards and then engage two more steel targets. The re-holstering was MANDATORY. Not something I'd advise in a real life scenario.

Since this was a timed event, I wanted to make up some time because I'm not a good driver and other guys got good times because they were driving faster than others. So genius me thought I'd just holster my pistol and sprint without snapping it in to shave off maybe a second for the snap and unsnap.

When I got to the first set of targets, I went to engage and my holster was empty! My Sig was laying on the ground way back toward the car! I laughed so hard and just started walking back to get my gun. But I couldn't stop laughing at how stupid that was of me! My buddies were too far away to see what I was laughing about and when I told them what I did, we all cracked up. But EVERYBODY snapped tight, as instructed, before they ran to their targets.

On the slim chance I was doing that on my own and it discharged upon hitting the ground, I could have been in a jam, depending on where the bullet went.
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