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Just wait. California has two different ammo ID laws pending (as well as two different ammo taxes). California runs its own background checks, so that is not so much of an issue. One plan calls for an ID card, with required fee, background check, and annual renewal. The other, which is a renewal of a proposal vetoed last year by Brown (and which itself is an attempt to correct problems with the current law that is being challenged n court) calls for face to face transactions, ID and a thumbprint to buy, as well as other issues specific to the sellers. This latter law bans mail order and internet sales. It is possible that both laws could hit the books. While Brown may veto them, the Legislature has a supermajority that can pass these over a veto.

OH I forgot--ammo purchases above a specified number of rounds are reported to the DOJ.

the two ammo taxes are (1) 10% surcharge on purchases (raising the total tax to 18%), and the other is a $.05 per cartridge surcharge. The latter will make .22LR prohibitively expensive.
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