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The 270 had 130 grain bullets firing at 3050 and the 150 Grain firing at 2830.
Those are pretty mild factory loads. The hornady super performance advertises a 130 grain to about 3200 fps. And, with hand loads a 150 grain bullet can be safely pushed to 3000fps. Since the 6.5 will be handloaded it's a better apples to apples comparison using handloads for the .270 since a hot loaded 6.5-06 will have an advantage over the mild-ly charged factory ammo.

The 6.5 clearly has better bullet choices for the upper weight end, compared to the .270 so they will always drift less. That is, unless you manage to handload some of Matrix Bullet's 165gr or 175gr .277 VLD's, which will have a better BC than the heavy 6.5's. The problem is you'd need a custom twist(ie faster than std 1:10) rate to stabilize any VLD bullet over 150 grains in the .270 caliber.
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