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Yes, that's the original National Match model with a standard weight barrel
complete with rear sight boss. They used regular hunting/sporter barrels.
But I don't think those Redfield front and rear sights are original with the rifle; they were made after Winchester quit making the National Match models.

Here's another picture of a different one equipped with an Unertl scope typical of what WWII and Korean Conflict snipers used:

All the "National Match" models were made in .30-06. Later ones with
heavier barrels, including those made after 1964 with push-feed actions and
hammer forged barrels were plain "Match" models.

The "Bull Gun" was Winchester's first heavy barrel match rifle and first made
in the late 1940's (?). Chambered for the .300 H&H Mag, it was a popular
over-the-counter long range target rifle. One's shown below:

Winchester custom made a dozen or so round actions with the receivers not milled out for a magazine. Solid bottom and weighed over a pound more;
one of the stiffest bolt actions ever made. And fitted with a .308 Win. chambered Hart barrel. All under contract with the US Army Advanced Marksmanship Unit in 1959.
Interesting link to this rare thing from Winchester:
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