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People come through our general aviation airport down here (between Del Rio and San Antonio) that easily drop $100,000 on local exotic hunts. I know some of the workers for those ranches and $10,000 to $100,000 hunt packages are routine.

Also I once saw a Citation (twin engine private jet) land here once and a man, that was waiting for it, got out of a Suburban,went on board, walked a German Short haired Pointer off the plane. He put the dog in the Surburban and drove off. The plane then refueled and took off again without any people getting on or off the plane. I'm imagining the phone call that led up to that was something like " We're down here at the ranch and have decided to do some quail hunting. Do use a favor and put the dog on the plane and fly her down, will ya. Dave will be waiting at the airport for her." The plane's round trip cost to fly the dog was about $8,000 just in fuel from Houston and back. Some people have too much money. It was, however, a very nice looking bird dog.
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