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long hand gun shots.....

You should have seen us going after the big rock at 600 with our handguns. You can almost fire the round, grab a chair and have a coke before it hits. We were getting pretty close but the wind was so bad at the end of the day that I dont think either of us got a hit. I couldn't see the impact from my Makarov but the .45 was making big poof's.

I want to thank everyone for all of their help in the BBQ and the setup/teardown of the campsight. I couldn't have done it without you guys and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. For those of you who didn't make it, boy you missed out on a great time! We should try to do it again in July when it is really hot. Different 1 and his wife will just tell us how it is getting to be shorts weather, but we all saw how hardcore they are! I am really glad you guys could make it up for the event and would love to have you back anytime.

If we use that sight again I have a few ideas for new signs and proper placement to help keep down the flow of idiot traffic. All the wway around it was a good weekend and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Now I have to go clean all those guns!
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