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If you are doing instructing at a range, please make sure both of you have electronic hearing protection. There will be a lot of other shooters, and you will need to keep your hearing protection on the whole time... With standard hearing protection, verbal comunication is significantly hindered.

I always start new shooters with some home instruction first... the 4 rules, correct operation of the various types of long guns and hand guns (loading, unloading, chambering, cycling the action), how to use sights, grip, stance, dry firing, all the while correcting them on the fully-expected lack of muzzle discipline and trigger finger safety... rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat... A new shooter has a lot to learn before they ever fire their first round.

An hour (or two) spent practicing basic techniques while under constant gentle-but-persistant reminders of the 4 rules will pay big dividends when you go to the range to shoot live ammunition.
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