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Some of us "geezer" enthusiasts--I'm going on 76, on the high end of geezerdom--now have to live on extremely limited fixed incomes. I love guns. I carry concealed. I'd love to be able to collect guns, especially vintage Smith revolvers. But there's no possible way, even if I could do the necessary walking, for me to afford the insanely elevated prices at gun shows today.

Fortunately, and I hope other elderly enthusiasts have done this, I've helped instill in my son an appreciation of the vintage guns and older, time-tested designs. His favorite handgun is a lovely Smith Model 15-8 I gave him. He hunts deer with a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington. Better still, his three boys have all learned to shoot well and love guns, and all are crazy about the M15-8.

If we want to see new crops of enthusiasts, shooters and collectors in the future, we old guys need to do our part to refine the tastes of the kids coming along behind us.
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