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I may have bitten off more than I should with the layaways, but I was in an impulsive mood.
The CX4 9mm is on layaway at Bud's, and I'm going to get that one as I'll have to eat a 20% loss if I change my mind. The only other 9 in the house belongs to my wife, so I figure I have some room there.

The other, I'm really debating, as my gun frenzy has really cooled off in the wake of The Great Ammo Shortage of 2013. But, probably the same day I got my last gun, I, again, on impulse, put on layaway at my LGS an HK45c. I'm in the process of selling my SR1911, since a friend expressed more interest than I have in it. I figure the HK would fill the void left by the SR. However, I'm prepared for that sale to fall through. In that case, if I cancel the layaway it appears there would only be a $50 charge. I think I could afford to eat that, keep the SR1911, and stop spending!

Layaway has given me time to think about all the other things I could be doing with that money and how little I do with the guns I have purchased.
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