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More information requested on a recent CA arrest video that's gone viral

Video Clip
News Clipping

What happened prior to the camera being turned on? From the actions shown in the video I am at a loss for words. I received this video in a text from a buddy of mine. Since this forum has a high standard of morals on posts I know I can at least get useful information here without having to sort through stuff like on YouTube.

Police officers state "domestic violence" yet they state it was just an argument. So hoping someone local to that area has paper clippings or a better understanding of the laws there. We all know how viral YouTube videos can be mislead and wrong information sent.

Just trying to get a grasp of the WHOLE picture. Because I know them just hearing her is not enough. They need to see that she has not been beaten or being held against her will out of fear.

A lot of missing information....the couple could have a list of priors. How long were they waiting prior to the camera being turned on. This is why I wish police officers had cameras on them as well.
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