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A few things you will need to consider:
  • In order to obtain your PAL, you will need to go through a government-sanctioned Firearms Safety Course. There are two courses: a non-restricted and a restricted. Non-restricted is for long guns and restricted is for, well, handguns and mainly short firearms.
  • The courses are run mainly by shooting clubs and such. So you'll have to find one that meets your schedule. Once you take the course(s), the examiner sends in the results, and you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks to get the official certificate back. AFTER that you will need to send in your application, which can take up to 45 days to process.
  • Be aware that we have some weapons that are considered "prohibited" that you will unlikely be able to get a permit for as these permits aren't issued but grandfathered.
  • While, so long as you have the proper PAL to bring firearms into Canada (see next point), you WILL need an export permit from the US (ATF) to legally remove your firearms permanently from the US. The US will issue an exportation permit ONE time only for free; after that it is quite expensive. You will need to contact ATF for details on this.
  • If you do import your resticted (handguns) into Canada, you will need to contact the Firearms office to get an ATT (Authorization to Transport) to bring them from the border to your residence. Any time a restricted firearm leaves your residence you need an ATT. If you join a gun club they will pull a standing ATT for you to attend the club (and other sanctioned clubs),
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