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(TX) Austin police chief shows his colors again

In other news, our wonderful Austin police chief has come out with his opinion that citizens who do not agree with him are 'lying extremist with undeveloped brains'. Art Acevedo, the political hack that he is, basically insults people who disagree with his opinion that universal background checks should be mandatory. I find it rather interesting that the sheriffs around the country, who are accountable to the citizens, are generally against new gun legislation that imposes greater hardship on said citizens, while the police chiefs, who are politicians only accountable to other politicians, seem to love the idea of greater regulation. Interesting also that the chief thinks there are not enough gun laws, but has come out in favor of not enforcing laws regarding illegal immigration.******=twitter
"That a free citizen should have to go before a committee, hat in hand, and pray for permission to bear arms - fantastic! Arm your daughter, sir, and pay no attention to petty bureaucrats." Robert Heinlein - Red Planet
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