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Owning guns has a learning curve to it.

That's what makes it a never ending,lifelong thing.

If you're simply not comfortable with the gun,sell it and get one that fits your hand better.

Try a S&W M&P Compact or especially S&W Shield in 9mm.

The grip feel on these Smith M&P's are some of the best in the business and the trigger reach is adjustable through changing back straps.

There is also Beretta's Nano and the Walther PPS.

But the very best thing to do now is to shoot the heck out of that CZ-75 and also to rent some other guns at ranges to see if you want to get those instead.

Just don't give away your CZ-75-that's one of the classic handgun designs.

But Life is too short to own a handgun you are not totally happy with.
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