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There's some interesting observations from the National Journal about the current Scandalgate(s). The National Journal is evidently pro-administration most of the time:
First, there is some element of “spin," . . .

Second, there is almost comical bungling. While denying involvement in high crimes and misdemeanors, the Obama administration appears to be pleading guilty to lesser crimes of bureaucratic incompetence. But that is an unsustainable position for a president who wants Americans to believe again in the power and grace of good government, particularly as it relates to the implementation of Obamacare.
(emphasis added).

So, even if successful at spinning these scandals as bureaucratic blunders, they nevertheless weaken the administration because they foster less trust from the masses. The article suggests several ways for the administration to "restore the public trust," including the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the IRS probe.
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