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I had a PT-92, first gun I ever owned. I probably put 300 - 400 rounds through it and had a few (4 or 5?) stovepipes. Can I really say it was "the gun"?... or simply it didn't like that ammo? Who knows. I really can't say I ever found any fit or finish issues with it. In my estimation it was a decent gun, fine for the range, I just sold it because I wanted a more compact 9mm and in a personal defense capacity, a handful of jams out of 400 rounds is too many to trust your life to. I much prefer my Sig that I have now (and for the money, I should!)....but that doesn't mean I think Taurus's are "junk". Obviously my experience with them is limited.

"Brand bashing" seems popular here. I love my Rugers, but some folks love to hate on them. I don't get it. I'm not a big Glock or S&W fan but they're fine guns, if you love yours more power to you.
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