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Well, OP, it seems you don't yet have a preference of operating system. Your BD has a rear frame mounted decocker, the 238 has a frame mounted safety, and the PPK has a slide mounted safety/decocker.

I own a mixed bag, myself, but have found over time that I don't personally care for slide mounted safety/decockers. The ones I owned, I modified to decocker only.

Some people will argue that all carry guns should have the same manual of arms. They have a point, it does keep things simpler.

I don't necessarily subscribe to that theory. The guns I currently prefer are a CZ P01 (works just like your BD), a couple 1911s (Hunter Custom, Baer), an HK P7, a Walther PPS, and a J Frame. (4 different safety systems; 4 different mag or cylinder release systems; 3 different types of sight setups; you get the idea.)

The thing is, being able to switch between four operating systems probably requires more practice time and ammo than most would care to spend. I am comfortable switching, and do put in a lot of practice, but there is something to be said for keeping things simple.

Also, in terms of cost, if you can keep your choices in one family and caliber, you could save money on magazines, holsters, etc. (For instance, in your case, if the RAMI worked for CCW, you could use a lot of common gear with your BD; Glock and Beretta have similar families of guns, as do others.)
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