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I used to shoot core-lokts in my Marlin 336 chambered .35 remington. I had a fail-to-fire once while I had a nice whitetail buck in the crosshairs. He of course ran off as soon as he heard the "click" and I had no chance to load another round and try again. I had two more misfires from the same box of 20 while shooting targets. They weren't light strikes, and I tried firing them a second time, same result. The ammo was obviously the problem. They had apparently used a bad batch of primers. I started shooting Hornady lever-evolution in it and have for the past few years with ZERO FTF's.

Core-lokts used to be a little cheaper than everything else but anymore they are right around the same price as Hornady custom, Winchester power point, Federal power shock, and my favorite, Federal Fusion. It is great ammo for the money. The Fusions are $21/box on if you can catch them in stock, but I'd say if your'e at the local Wal-mart at the right time you could find them there as well.
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