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I have found that wood looks nicer and is far less functional.

Living way up in Northern Canada, my W70FW stock dried right out because of the dry climate here. I oiled it but it didn't help enough. Now the sling swivel which anchors into a steel anchor which is glued to the stock is no longer straight for use with a bipod or sling. The wood shrunk when it dried out. What a pain in the ass. It's totally not necessary.

The 'glass bedding' in the rifle is so tight it takes a hammer to separate the stock from the action and it's necessary because the wood is so vulnerable to its environment.

I have some inherited heirloom rifles where the wood is cracked at the wrist or needed repairs in its lifetime. It's just too fragile.

It's the last new wood rifle I will own. They're just too problematic just so it can look a bit better. What's next? Hunting in the wood with a luis vuiton bag so you look better?

A rifle is a tool. Functionality over form. A synthetic stock has it ALL OVER wood in every conceivable way except looks. Looks is not a function.
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