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I've owned a total of 5, I had a M44ss6 that I wish I had never let a guy talk me out of. I still have a PT1911, this has been a flawless gun. I had a 24/7 pro ,40 cal it was junk from day one. Had a 941 22 mag, it shot well but had the worst trigger of any gun I ever owned. then came the M327, after 2 trips back to taurus, the gun still had ftf's on a regular basis, and you nearly had to have a hammer to get the empties out of it. the dealer bought it back. so it boils down to 2 good ones and 3 bad ones for me, the poll is closed but I vote that I've owned them and had lots of problems. if you get a good one then they are good, but when you get a bad one they wont or cant (you decide) fix it. I wont ever buy another that is certain.
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