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Glad you're happy with your CZ after its initial range trip. I own a 75b (along with about 8 other 9's and a few other "toys") and for some reason I can't seem to make myself love the CZ. I don't have large hands by any means, but the're probably average all in all. The CZ has the longest trigger reach (and reach for the safety) for me of any of my autos, which include the Beretta 92fs, Glock 22, XD, PPQ, Sig SP2022, and many others. And, in terms of range results, I shoot "okay" with it... but not great. I can shoot lights out with my PPQ and my Spartan 9mm... and almost as well with the 92FS. But for some reason the CZ's legendary accuracy hasn't hit me yet.

My purpose for posting isn't to bash the CZ in any way; it's a fine pistol with a deservedly fine reputation. However, it may not be the best pistol for everyone. But I certainly hope it is for you.
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