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Strange things happening here in north mississippi lately.

I do computer repair, and some people seem to think since they can't get ammo for a gun they might as well get rid of it.

I have been getting guns in lieu of payment for cleaning viruses from computers lately.

the cheapest?
in the last 3 months, i was given a Hipoint .380,and a H&R 12 gauge pump and 200 rounds of ammo.

the hipoint was payment for computer work, the shotgun was left at a ladies house by her ex, and she didn't want it around so after fixing her computer she gave it to me.

I have always been a hipoint hater, but i figured, something was better than no money.
i loader her up, and it went bang, 50 rounds of hollow point, and 50 rounds of ball, no jams, no issues, all rounds hit the mark at 15 yards.

I now say anyone who knocks hipoint, has never owned one.
if $70 is all you can afford for a gun, it will put rounds on target, and is better than no gun.

The H&R?, uses remington accessories, and mossberg screw in chokes. shoots great, and retails for $169 at walmart.
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