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Is this necessary for CZs? I do live in a tropical/sub-tropical climate.
It is not necessary, yet I do it every time. Something that was beaten into me by a drill sergeant long time ago :-) But here is something - I live in Orlando, just a few miles from you and even though my heat and humid weather doesn't quite compare to your humid and salty spray from the ocean, I swear by Eezox. It is IMHO one of the best rust inhibitors and overall gun protection product currently on the market, especially for humid weather as ours.

The problem is knocking the slide release lever in or out of place.
Slide release in CZ is held by a spring in right side of the frame. This spring on new cz is quite strong from beginning, but with time the disassembly gets much easier. On my older cz75 all I have to do is line up the marks on left side of frame and slide and push slightly on slide release and it pops out quite easily.
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