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Man does this thing shoot sweet! The trigger is awesome and there is almost no felt recoil! I shot about 200 rounds today. The gun is way more accurate than I am. The bullets weren't always going when I was pointing at first. Then the trigger surprised me and the bullet went exactly where I was aiming. After loading my magazine with snap caps I found it was because I was anticipating the trigger break and pulling harder to compensate. So, a problem created, found, and worked on in a day makes me happy.

Also, at one point, I took two magazines of 7 rounds each and did a gratuitous mag dump/reload at 10 yards. All hit center mass at that range which I consider somewhat defensive range. Not great, but a workable starting point. From there I shot at 1 inch targets (slow fire the rest of the trip) between 10 and 15 yards. Once I got into the groove I grouped 6 or 7 into an inch and a half or so with a weird outlier where I flinched once.

Overall, the recoil is lower and less snappier even than my mom's .380. The grip is nice and the trigger pull is easy (at least the single action). I am very satisfied. It is way more accurate than I am and will last me a very long time.
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