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Question on rules of SBR possession

A friend and I had a debate and we don't know the actual answer to this question.

If you have a legal SBR can it be given to another person for range use with your consent or perhaps left at his home overnight for your convenience. Since it has already been legally marked as an SBR and if you gave him a copy of the paper work to keep until he returned it to you? Or if he uses it does he need to be under constant supervision by you and it has to always remain with you?

He said it is like a suppressor it always has to be with you.

While I for some reason felt after it is registered and marked as an SBR it can be treated much like any other weapon... You just need to be sure you have the permit and stuff in order so the actual creation of the weapon is legal.

I've read some stuff @ and so on concerning it and you can give it to a person legally to make modifications to the weapon without you needing to be present. Would like your info would really influence future purchases.
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