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I am not trying to be a wise guy, but what difference does it make? The principle is the same.

You actually did adjust cross hairs many years ago and if you needed a lot of adjustment, the cross hairs WOULD be off center.

Today, the lens systems move the focus point of the image to the cross hair and the cross hair stays centered. Same thing with the EoTech. The image of the LEDs is still in the center but you adjust the image of the target to the reticle.

If you have lost center. . .for example you took a scope off a rifle that had a lot of elevation and windage dialed in, you might want to recenter the optics.

To do that, you would turn both adjusters fully CW or CCW. . .whichever suits you until you reach the end of travel. Don't use excessive force. When you get to the limits, turn them both in the opposite direction until you come to the stops and COUNT THE TURNS. Now divide that number by two and you have the number of turns to get your optical and mechanical zero point set.

Turn the adjusters the number of turns in the direction you originally made to the first limit and you should be plenty close enough to boresight.

The EoTech can be rezeroed the same way.


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