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Mamba. Is that stock on your rifle a Butler Creek? I have one on an FN Mauser 30-06 and I love it. have another one that came on a commercial FN but the short little runt cut it way down to fit him. I'll probably have to get a slip on pad the bring more into line to fit me
I do agree that rifles based on Mausers can be tack drivers.

I have had two of the Zastava Mausers, a .300 Win. Mag. and a .375 H&H. Don't have them any more because the people that bought them wanted them more than I did, and I wanted them badly. They made offers I could not refuse. Both rifles were very accurate, the .375 averaging one inch with .300 gr.Winchester Silvertips and the .300 shooting 200 gr. Speer Hot Cores. Would I ever buy another one? Certainly if the price was right. Currently I have a few FN Mauser actions slated to be builds as soon as I can raise up the cash.
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