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Note: "Brenneke Black Magic" come in both 3" Magnum and 2.75" Short Magnum varieties.

If you don't want the mule kick of the 3", you have options.

reading oldmanFCSA's story I'd step up and get their 3" Magnum Crush load. I'm sure it kicks like 3 mules but I'm pretty sure I'd about **** my pants if a bear came at me full tilt, 10:30 at night or otherwise.

3,800 ftlbs, 1.5oz (666gr) slug.

In all fairness, I won't feel like my home is defended until I own an RPG, and then I'll start having bad dreams about robbers in tanks. So maybe I'm just overly cautious.
Your 9mm could, and in all likelihood will expand. But my .45 will never get any smaller.
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