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55 (updated) Colorado Sheriffs File Against The State

There are 64 Counties in Colorado. Yesterday, Friday May 17th, 54 of Colorado's Sheriffs (along with several other plaintiffs) filed a lawsuit in the US Federal District Court for Colorado.

The suit seeks to enjoin the State from enforcing HB 1224 (13-1225) and HB 1229 (13-1229), on 2A and 14A grounds. The suit also asks the court to declare the laws unconstitutional and grant a permanent injunction against enforcement.

This lawsuit is David Kopel' first foray into the 2A lawsuit waters, as he is the lead attorney for the Sheriffs.David Kopel is an attorney with the Independence Institute and has filed many amici briefs in other cases. He is also a well recognized member of The Volokh Conspiracy blog.

I will have the info for posting in the 2A Cases thread, likely Monday or Tuesday.
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