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I have owned and shot a lot of pistol caliber carbines, it’s one of my weaknesses.
The Hi-Point 9mm, owned one for several weeks and sold to a friend: sloppily put together, poor quality of fit and finish, ugly as sin but very reliable, accuracy acceptable.
Ruger PC4. 40, Great little gun but boring as sin never owned and don’t want one. Shot one once and it just left me cold and I am a Ruger fan.
MP-5 clone, I own a 9mm but have shot a 40. The 40 is very rare. Pricy but the one I have will take HK parts which was important to get it functioning reliably. You can spend so much money on adding accessories you can get well over the price of the gun. Its heavy and absolute no recoil. You’re going to have to drop well over 1200 for a good one. I’m trying to trade mine for a Kriss.
Beretta CX4, IMO this is the best of the pistol semi autos on the market. If price is not a problem. Mine is in 9mm and uses the magazine for the Beretta 8000 Cougar which they don’t offer any more. I wanted it to use the same mag as my 8000. It’s easy to turn it from right to left hand. Good accessories available. Many people complain about the triggers ?? Mine has a good trigger which is better than my Glock. I can get good accuracy out to 100 yards with ether jacketed or lead. 147 Gr Lead is the best and I have pulled 4 inch groups at 100, but it took some time to find a good reload.
Of everything I own and everything I have owned it’s the best of the group. Mine has an AimPoint and it’s a perfect match between gun and optics.
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