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Using the IRS for political purposes happened under Nixon, Reagan, and the second Bush. Afaik there weren't any political or legal consequences.
That is hardly a fair and unbiased statement. Nearly every administration has done so to a degree since the founding of the IRS:

The question is to what degree? This is the first time a such widespread pattern of abuse has been noted.

ETA- Interesting update.

Apparently the AG's argument that lives were at risk on the AP phone records is being shown to be without much merit:

But the argument doesn’t hold up, some say, because the day after it was released, the White House’s top counterterrorism adviser went on “Good Morning America” and talked about how successful the operation had been. John Brennan, now CIA director, praised the work of U.S. intelligence officials and said that the Al Qaeda plot was never an active threat to the American public.
Read more:

Both these statements can not be true.
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