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RTB issue related to Magazine?

I've got a 2011 PT145 Mil Pro and, when not on me, I keep it in a biometric gun safe with a loaded magazine and an empty chamber (ready, but not wearing out my ejector spring).

When I take it out to carry I load the chamber and flip the safety. I've noticed that when I release the slide, it will not fully return to the front and I have to push it into place with a click.

Now, I switch my 10 rounds of 230gr Remington Golden Sabers between the magazines every Friday to give the springs a chance to breath and I note that on the first 3-5 rounds as I go to push them out of the magazine they slide most of the way and then stop and I have to push a bit harder. I'm not sure if this is a magazine defect or because all of the springs on this thing are big mean bears (or maybe I'm a limp-wristed Frenchman, who knows) but I'm suspecting that's my RTB issue.

I haven't had a chance to put much lead down range only 100rds sighting it in (ok I may not have NEEDED that many to sight it in...I brought two boxes, what was I gonna do? Tell my wife I wasted money buying too much ammo?) but out of that I had probably 5 FTFs (and this was good stuff, Winchester FMJ 230gr, none of that Tula crap). Each FTF situation the slide failed to fully return. The round would show a dented primer but not as severely as a successfully fired round. I didn't have the guts to reload them in and try to fire again, I was on a buddy's land and we were next to a pond so I tossed them in the water in case of delayed detonation.

Any thoughts on dealing with this?
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