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Six Week Summary

Since acquiring this pistol I have fired a wide assortment of factory ball and JHP loads... pretty much anything this side of the premium defense stuff. It's been 100% with factory loads and about 98% with my reloads, which have worked in every other 45 auto we've tried. Oddly, the little PT has a fairly tight chamber; just the opposite of what I expected.

Nothing has broke or fallen off the PT145, yet but it did come with a nonfunctional magazine. I'm lackadaisical about round counts but I'd estimate 650 rounds through this one. I've carried it a bunch in my much-adapted Safariland #27 and the slide shows some finish wear. The finish on the aluminum slide rails is beginning to wear a little.

Accuracy is ho-hum, but of course it's a compact 45 Auto by an also-ran manufacturer. Shooting jacketed bullets improves this marginally. We shoot lead in 45's around here. I'd say the gun is capable of paper plate sized groups at 50 yards. If your sights are zeroed and you hold carefully, you can keep them all in the 8 ring of a B27 at that distance. My 5" plates require a perfect two-handed hold at 25 yards... you'll still miss a few and wonder if it's you or the gun. I can generally hit them at will with a good 1911, using one hand.

Would I recommend the PT145? Probably not. For a beater farm gun it's just OK but it's not really accurate enough to suit me. The Hiney sights are a nuisance and these guns tend to shoot low. I'd say if you want a 45 auto, spend a couple hundred more for a Glock 30 or an M&P Compact.
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