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Here in NM, OC is legal and I do it daily, have been since the newtown incident, I have never had any negative responses, never been questioned by an LEO's or harassed in any way. I have had people come up and thank me for excersizing my constitutional right. I do not have a CC permit so I cannot carry CC, but have been considering getting one. however with the 100 degree weather here in the desert I dont see myself wearing the clothing required to CC, my denim shorts and a t-shirt are daily attire. I am married and it doesn't bother the wife at all, she just reminds me when I need to take it off as it's not allowed in a restaraunt that serves alcohol, though she has hers hidden in her purse. so we are still protected. I do however not carry it to the school when picking up my grand daughter as to not stir up alarm, I don't carry at her soccer games either for the same reason, however most of the time that I'm not, my wife's purse is in reach. As for visiting, if the people I would visit had a problem with it , then they would be the people I wouldn't want to visit. like I said i haven't encountered one negative response since I started OCing.
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