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Lt. Without any commentary on your part I can't tell if you see something positive in this story or if it's the other way around.

Personally I see this as a negative.

The old woman who called the cops was wrong, perhaps she was traveling and has some excuse, but still ...

The Police dispatcher was wrong, maybe I'll give them a break for erring on the side of caution or not having an option given established procedure .....

The responding Officers were really wrong, come on, these guys are sitting at a table gawing and not doing anything at all illegal or that would justify any legal attention. The Officers shouldn't have said anything more then "Hey, nice shooter, what loads are working good in it?" ....

The Department and the DA were wrong, this should have been immediately dropped, the cops disciplined and retrained, and apologies should have been sincere and immediately forthcoming.

Some people see this as a victory for the oppressed gun owner, I see it as a failure of our society to maintain a correct and proper attitude towards firearms ownership.

It's not like we haven't owned firearms since day-1 of this nation's founding.
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