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Originally Posted by Jammer Six
Vanya, now I'm afraid you haven't answered my questions.
If you're referring to this:
Do we agree that the segregated restaurant is unethical, regardless of other choices in the same city?
It's a red herring, and I'm not interested in chasing it. Segregated restaurants are a result of bigotry, not a cause of stereotyping, and are therefore irrelevant to the claim you're making.

You're claiming that women-only classes promote negative stereotypes of women, but you haven't supported this claim in any way whatsoever, even though others have given examples that tend to refute it. You also haven't shown why the harm from this stereotyping, if it exists, outweighs the demonstrated benefits to the women who take them.

Since you are unwilling or unable to offer any support for your argument, it seems that it can be reduced to this: you are personally offended by women-only classes. So what?
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