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My first experience with the Mark X was back in the late '70s. I bought an action only in the white from a local gunstore, sent it to Jagers in PA to have made into a 270 WCF. 24" Douglas Premium barrel, trued action and lugs. Had my local gunsmith install Ruger barrel band front sight and Williams folding adjustable rear, then glass bed and checker a Fajen AA French Walnut stock for it. How times have changed . . . I had less than $700 in the whole rifle. No longer own it, and no pics.

In 1990 I had David Gentry build me one of his Rough Rider models in 35 Whelen AI. 24", 1 in 14 twist barrel, synthetic stock. This one I still own. Both of the Mark X Mausers will shoot 3-shot groups less than 1/2" with some regularity. Best group with the 270 and 110 Sierras was .275", and best with the Whelen and 250 Hornady Spitzers is .385". Don't ever let anyone convince you that a "slow lock time Mauser" won't shoot!

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